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When involved in a family law matter, you need a knowledgeable and effective attorney who understands what it takes to get results in the best interests of your children while remaining fair and equitable. Every family law case is unique. Your final resolution should not be sought in comparison to somebody else’s case. Instead of relying on what others suggest, please contact my office in Oakland County for a free consultation to receive straightforward and sound legal advice. I will advise as to how best to proceed. The paramount concern is to seek results which are in the best interests for your family. Whether contemplating divorce and looking to take the next step, responding to court papers received from a spouse or ex-partner, or modifying an existing court order, it is important to immediately seek legal representation from an experienced lawyer to evaluate what options are available for maximum legal protection.

I Will Help You Protect Your Rights During This Difficult Time

Dissolution of a marriage or long-term relationship is a difficult event to experience, both emotionally and financially. There is no clear-cut winner in a such a situation, especially when children are involved. In fact, it is probably true that everybody loses when the family unit changes, regardless of the reason for a break-up. You need to be aware of the emotional issues involved in the termination of a marriage or long-term relationship. When a relationship ends, emotions may lead to poor decision-making, either by yourself or your significant other. Steps should be taken to protect yourself, your assets and your family by enforcing the legal rights available to you.

During this difficult time, you need an attorney to guide you through the court system effectively to protect your children and property. Many disputes in a family law matter occur solely because one person purposely seeks to emotionally or financially damage the other party. The only guarantee in such a situation is that your children are put in the middle, and both sides will spend time and money without good cause. This type of behavior should be avoided.

Confidently Safeguard Your Relationship With Your Children

It is important to hire an attorney who provides the best legal representation possible within the facts of your particular case. During your consultation, you meet and speak with me personally. To receive the best legal advice, you need to provide as much information as possible to fully describe your circumstances. That includes prior case activity, past and current financial records and similar documentation. Withholding information you feel is embarrassing may actually end up being taken out of context when ultimately disclosed in court by the other side.

During your free consultation and continuing throughout and beyond resolution of a case, there exists an attorney-client relationship to protect your privacy. What you tell your attorney will not automatically be disclosed to the court and other side unless it is relevant to the issues in the case. In all legal cases, but especially in family law situations, an attorney’s job is to provide advice and counsel. It is your job to use that advice and counsel to make the major decisions that affect your life, family and future in the best possible way.

Your Future Stability Is Important

An attorney who represents you in a family law matter by shouting the loudest and degrading your spouse, partner, or their attorney is not providing you with the best possible legal representation. While it may be good television drama, it is not in the best interests of any family to argue about every single issue. This is especially true in difficult economic times. Under the best of circumstances, constant disagreements by parents will have a negative impact on your child’s well-being. Although most divorce cases are ultimately settled through negotiation, it is necessary for you to understand the benefits of each and every issue and fight for those that are important. Disputes over minor issues without an end result or benefit to you or your children will only extend the time your case remains before the court. Having your case unresolved for months and years may cost you thousands of dollars more than it should and will take its toll on you emotionally by not allowing life to move forward. You need an attorney with experience in family law cases to help you determine when to negotiate, and when to “fight the good fight,” and seek a legal ruling from the courts through an evidentiary hearing or trial.

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